Kit Lock Bell Village Project

Kit Lock Bell Village Project

The piece of land on which the current Kit Lock is built, was acquired by the Chinese Chamber of Commerce on the 8th December 1960 for the sum of Rs.35,000 as evidenced by the sales deed signed by the office bearers of the managing committee of the time, namely Eloi Assoon Liu Man Hin (President), Chuk Lun (Vice President), Pierre Leung Shing (Treasurer), Chan Yu Tin (Secretary).

The Kit Lock project was continued by subsequent managing committee members and was finally inaugurated on 25th November 1962.  The founder members Sir Jean Moilin Ah Chuen, Mr. Chung Kai To, Mr. Ying Wah Fok Kan and Mr. Marcel Lai Fak Yu together with the help of Mr. Georges Chung Tung raised money amongst the Chinese community.  Members of the community were also encouraged to donate crockery and furniture.

In 1968, the Kit Lock was rebuilt in concrete with 2 mourning halls.

Over the years, Chinese families of all walks of life have used Kit Lock for the wakes of their loved ones or have paid their last respect to loved ones there.  The Kit Lock was renovated benevolently in 2002 by members of the sub-committee of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce.

More than forty years later, Kit Lock in great need of a complete make over.

Kit Lock Bell Village Project
In December 2005, the government granted a lease to a sizable plot of land (2,500 m²) to the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Bell Village for the purpose of building a new Kit Lock, now commonly known as The Kit Lock Bell Village project.

With the help of professionals of the community, the Chamber has drawn up plans to build a modern Kit Lock comprising of 3 mourning halls (each with its own kitchen, store room, bedroom, repository and prayer hall), shared Ladies’ & Gents’ toilets, a covered terrace of approximately 18 metres long and 3 metres wide together with parking space for around 50 cars.

After completion, the Kit Lock Bell Village will be supervised by a committee comprising of 8 people who will  be both members and non members of the Chamber. The management committee of the chamber will have 4 seats on the committee and will be expected to take a leading role.  The Kit Lock will be managed by a full time manager.

We estimate that project will require Rs.12m to bring to completion with part of the funds coming from the sale of the existing Kit Lock (around Rs.7m). Unfortunately the Chinese Chamber of Commerce does not have the necessary funds to build the Kit Lock Bell Village by itself and it is therefore requesting donations and contributions from members of the community.  A bank account has been allocated specifically for the project (MCB A/C 01-0083960) and patrons may deposit donations directly into the account.  Any donations should be followed by a note or letter to the Chambers for record keeping.  A commemorative plaque will be put up to acknowledge the contributions of each and everyone.

Kit Lock Building Committee
We would like to invite members of the community to come forward to help us make the project a reality.  Any request for further information or suggestions can be addressed to our office on 242 0156/913 4788 or by email on

We would like to put on record the contribution of the following professionals, who have generously accepted to work on the project free of charge.

Architect and Project Manager: Henry Loo – DesignA Consulting Ltd
Engineer: Daniel Hau
Quantity Surveyor: Michel Ong Seng
Land Surveyor: James Chung King Sow.

The Kit Lock funeral parlour was inaugurated on Tuesday 14th December 2010. Click here for the photo gallery.